“When you cook under pressure you trade perfection”-Gordon Ramsay

I wish this post is talking about how to master a cooking skill, but thousand apologies for that as it is

When are you getting married?

question being bombarded at me for the longest time in my entire existing life. To be honest, I have no idea, and I’d be lying to you if I never fancy myself getting married. Reality is, I just want to go with the flow, no pressure and when the time comes, it will come naturally (just to clear the air, I just turned 31). Rushing it will make matter go worse; furthermore my financial capabilities are nowhere near to organize a wedding, and there are far more important things to be done first. I know that their intentions are good, and I do think about it as well too. Most of my friends and families of my age are either married, or in a stable relationship with their other half. I, on the other side am still coping with my significant other, and I’m enjoying every second of it (though there are hiccups here and there).

My only answer to whomever that will be asking me with that kind of question will be

“Let’s just see how it goes, but we have our own plans”.

Let me know if you have your own creative answers ya?



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