DIET (Did I Eat That?)

Please be warned, I’ll be posting on some of the food that I have consumed for the past few weeks. Wait..what about New Year? It was great, and different from my previous years celebration. This year,I went for my 2nd BBQ with his friends (I made salad) and it was a very chill setup.I wouldn’t want anything else.

I made that(…Salad)

This year,I ate a LOT!! There goes my DIET…hahaha.Here are some of the piccas.


* that BLACK oval shaped fruit is my favourite!! and it’s called Dabei (Borneo olives, it’s seasonal, and can only be found in Sarawak. Though I heard you can get it somewhere in China)

*  that custard looking dish is also one of my favourites. It’s fried tempoyak (extracted from the KING of fruits ; DURIAN) not everyone can take it, but by all means…I enjoy eating it very much!!

* Home made dish are the best, don’t you think so?
Green okra Gyudon + Onsen egg




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