SINful but definitely Tasty

Whenever I feel like missing home, my go to food will always be Sarawak Laksa. It is the best remedy of the heart and, to cure your morning hangover after a long night out. Do not mistake it with Curry Laksa, as it tastes way way different than Sarawak Laksa, although I might say that visually, it looks almost the same. Over here in Kuala Lumpur, it is quite a challenge to find the good ones that is HALAL. Luckily, I found few places that just hit the right notches to my taste buds. Back at home, in Kuching, a bowl of laksa would only cost you RM4.00 to RM5.00, but in Kuala Lumpur it would be from RM8.00 to RM12.00. I know it is going to cost me more eating it here, but since you have to get the laksa paste all flown over, I wouldn’t say anything else, as long as it is yummy in my tummy.

Why is it different than any other laksa? I guessed, the ultimate star of this dish would be the soup.  I am no chef, but I can tell you that a well-developed laksa soup depends on how you infused the prawn and chicken broth together, and it does really mix well with the spices in the laksa paste, and finally, coconut milk to give its richness texture to the soup. The aromatic smell will trigger your mind straight away in ordering one or two bowls of laksa.

A normal laksa will have a few condiments to perfect it. You will get thinly strips of omelette, chicken strips, prawns, beansprouts, and coriander leaves for garnishing. I forgot to mention to you that, laksa Sarawak is served with rice vermicelli, and sambal belacan (pounded chilli shrimp paste) on the side. I don’t know about you, but as a Sarawakian, we eat our laksa at any time of the day.

In Kuala Lumpur, my ultimate laksa fix to go to will be at:

  1. Salted located at ZAMZAM Cafe and Satay Club in Bandar Utama
  2. Dapur Sarawak at Jalan Sarikei off Jalan Pahang
  3. Farm House Kitchen in Pavilion Shopping Mall Food Court

There you go, why not try and have a taste of it, and here is my bowl of goodness 🙂

Sarawak Laksa from Salted 

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