A rat in the Monkey year

I’m a rat in a monkey year and so far, I have read good things about rat in Chinese horoscope, and hopefully I’ll be able to channel that positive energy towards my everyday life. Life isn’t going to be that easy without hard work right? As far as I am concern, I’m still chasing my dream and still waiting for my opportunities to come rolling in, but during yesterday’s Chinese New Year visit to my friend’s house, I might have gotten some little luck. From one conversation led to another conversation and there it goes, “hey.. send me your resume, and I’ll pass it to my HR”. I was already on the moon and ready to raise my flag up there, but the thought of furnishing my resume has made me think twice either to send it or not. According to the Chinese horoscope, career transitioning is good for rat this year. Here I am, looking at my resume, and believe me when I say this “It’s not attractive enough!” It is like a mental block every time I want to make it prettier. I may have some issues with myself when I want to put it in writing, because I feel that my qualification and experiences does not match to their expectation. How am I going to sell myself to the corporate world, if I’m still unable to break myself loose? This question has always been in my mind every time I want to step up. I thrive for some inner guts here. Nevertheless, I will look onto it by hook or by crook.


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