A mad self after all

So far, there are a lot of things to catch up these days, I feel that I am losing myself halfway while the other half is trying to regain my energy to move on (I don’t even have time to update this blog). Lately, I have been thinking on how to generate more income for myself with whatever means that I can think of. I’m still learning on how to budget my ringgits (I have failed this subject tremendously). One thing for sure, I have been cooking for myself a lot, and I must admit that it does improve my cooking skills a bit. The downside of cooking, it consume most of your time on preparing, and cleaning!! And by the time you finish cleaning, your food becomes cold. Urgh L  Apart of allocating money aside, I have venture myself in a business with a friend of mine on something exciting, and hopefully that too will bring me more ringgits. Yassss…Trust me, I even asked him to enter a contest to win us some ringgits too. Oh ya, our relationship hit the 12months mile on February 8th, and it was Chinese New Year too, we went out to Mitasu Japanese restaurant to celebrate, and had some drinks afterwards. Nothing fancy schmancy like other couples do, it was a simple celebration, and I like it  (we even went to the famous Chinese temple that night).

Wait. There’s more. I have become a lipstick junkie, and I even helped my friends on buying lipsticks. That is super crazy, but I truly loathe waiting for it to be shipped here. Why can’t shipment be friendlier for us in Asia region? Why? Why? I don’t have the patience, but I persevere in this matter. Hehehehe.. And I got myself the Kylie Lipkit too!! Expensive? Yes.

The highlight for this month is yet to come, his birthday is coming soon!! And I shall write it to you more . Cheers~



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