Boat Noodling

I have officially become a boat noodle fan. There, I said it, and it is all because of him. So far, this month, we have been going to Boat Noodle joint for at least more than three times. Honestly, I have never tasted the real deal in the land of smiles and it has just made to my to-do list once I travel there. Boat noodle comes in this little bowl with a just nice portion to eat, and I usually order four bowls (do NOT judge me), but of course you can order more if you are up to it. What I like most out of it is the savoury-sour taste soup with a tinge of spiciness that made it so addictive to me. Customers have a choice to custom their boat noodle, whether chicken or beef stocks/meatballs, but I’d prefer the latter. At the moment, I’ve only went to this “Boat Noodle” joint, and it has successfully opened a lot of its branches in KL. I started eating boat noodle at their first set-up in Empire Damansara, and then tried to their other branches at Publika, Avenue K, and IKANO. Up to now, in my experience, their quality of food managed to stay true to its brand. Bravo Boat Noodle~ I’ll be coming for more of it. Hehehe.

p/s: I’ll post some pictures that I modelled for them, and it’s only RM 1.90 per bowl! So you should try it too!!!


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