Save Our Rainforest Race 2016

We did a race together, and believe me, we did it as a team! Hahaha, to put so much trust on him as my teammate is a whole new level for me, and to our relationship too, communication skills was put out on a test in this race! Nevertheless, we survived every checkpoint, and finished the race. Yeay! The reason I signed us both for this race was as a finale to his birthday month and of course for a road trip together to Telok Kemang, Negeri Sembilan, and also for a good cause. What was this race? Save Our Rainforest Race (SORR) is an annual event organised by PEKA Malaysia which requires you to plant a tree inside the rainforest, more participants, and more trees for the future. We started our two hours journey from Kuala Lumpur to Telok Kemang a bit late at around 9.30pm because I just had to purchase this beautiful piece from Velvet Vanity that evening (I’ll share to you what is this about later).

Pre Race

Before the sun was up, we hurriedly drove to Hutan Simpan Sg. Menyala where the event is held. Lucky for us that our race kits, and breakfast were pre-arranged by my cousin who happened to be an exco. Like in previous SORR races, the hosts would start with a speech, and then the zumba warm-up.

One for the camera 🙂

On your mark, get set, GO !!!

The air of anticipation from participants sure does brings out my spirit for that day. There were 7 checkpoints for us to complete this race. The first wave was a bit intense because everyone had to take a selfie with the SORR board given by the committees. I really thought it could have been organized properly rather than waiting for other teams to finish taking their selfies (I brought my 00’s NOKIA! lucky that he took his phone along).

sorr selfie
A little bit blurry, but who cates, we have a race to catch up. Hehehe

I am a very competitive person, but realizing that this is our first race together, we decided to take it at our comfortable pace, and enjoying the scenery in the virgin forest,

sorr gloves
Getting our gloves.

and power walk through the palm oil plantation.

palm oil
It was so hotttt..but we managed to smile 🙂

Malaysia is still having its hot weather, enduring it in the forest was all smiles as it was very cooling, but when we reached  the palm oil plantation, we were exposed to direct sunlight on top of us and it was scorching hot, kudos to the organizer for providing us with ample water station, energy drinks, and iced sponge to cool us off. Hydration is a MUST!

With countless slopes and numerous turns, and some drama of him leaving me behind,

after the drama
He took this after the drama! Meyh :/

hahaha, we finally planted a tree at checkpoint 3,plant tree this was totally the highlight of this whole race and after safely bidding our tree goodbye, we had to rush ourselves to  “Orang Asli” village for our next checkpoint which require us to help them carry their goods to their house. It was surely a challenge to hustle with everyone else in getting the items and then ran to the allocated house.

org asli village
Excuse me, I’m trying to pose here…

The last two checkpoints was easily done as it was just putting the jigsaw puzzle together, and braving yourself to put your hands inside the mystery box to get your chop (Obviously I left the latter to him) annnndddd then a few more kilos, we finally finished our 15km race together. We made it !!!

Post race

We both had cramps right after that. We both realized we are not fit at all, and we ate like we haven’t eaten for days, but most importantly, we enjoyed each other’s companion, we are still thinking whether to join another race together again…

Us, with our prized possession on that day 🙂






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