Liquid Matte Lipstick-Velvet Vanity

I have an addiction. There there, it is nothing that you should be worry of…just yet 😉 This is my confession; I am addicted on buying liquid matte lipstick. (Phew~) Even though how much I tried to resist myself on not buying, I ended up buying!!! So much love for this beauty product as it glides on your lips and dried to a matte finish. I fell in love straight away when I first purchased it, and then from there, farewell bullet lipstick. I don’t play favouritism, because I believe everything was made with great care, and every lipstick has its own unique formula. As such, I’ll try to buy one each from different brands. (Except Colourpop lippies, because it’s affordable) The downside of this addiction is, SHIPPING!!! It is truly ripping my soul apart as the waiting game is so strong!! Choosing shades, brands and, colours are fine with me, but shipping it to Malaysia takes at least 5 weeks to reach, and then it has to undergo a custom clearance. If you are lucky, you’ll get your lippies earlier than you thought, but life is not always fair :/

This time, fret no more because Velvet Vanity Cosmetics just hit the liquid matte lipstick market, and the best part of all, it is from Malaysia, vegan, and animal cruelty free!!! No more pre–orders, and no more conversion, Yeay!!! I have been following them on their instagram account @shopvelvetvanity since day one. (see? So much anticipation, hahaha) They just launched their collection on March 25th at 8.30pm, and the main reason for my delayed road trip to Seremban for SORR, it was all worth it though I have a little bit of a struggle (45 minutes to be exact) purchasing it via their app from playstore, but alas I managed to secure my very own Libra Baby (almost perfect nude with a tinge of pink shade) I received my Libra baby on next Tuesday, it felt like X’mas to me all over again. Although I only purchased one unit of their collection, they wrapped it nicely in a box with a sweet message card!! I tried it on immediately, and to my surprise, its formula was indeed liquid as mentioned, it covers all the area that needed coverage, this shade compliment my skin tone just nice, and looove the buttery smell, I guessed it might came from the coco oil they used? So far, with only one application, it lasted at least 7 hours of my work day, reapplication will only be done when I eat greasy food (greasy food is a no-no as said on the packaging) but I take it as a plus because it is in fact wudhu’/ablution friendly, and it gives me lesser time to remove it. I got to be clear here, I am no beauty expert or what not, but I have my own preferences, when applying it on its own, it bleeds out from my lip, so I had to fence out my lip with a lipliner (Beauty 101!) but that’s just me.

libra baby
*photo courtesy from

The downside of my purchase was, I received a defect cap which came off  from its original casing, it wouldn’t seal tightly which resulted a leaked massacre. I cried 😥 but I tried my luck and commented to one of their instagram post, and they replied in fashionly manner! Yeay 🙂 Their customer service were very helpful(clap clap) in guiding me on getting a new one, and within that week I have a new fresh Libra Baby on my hand again. So good to know that they care on their products and label, but most importantly their customers, moreover I wish them all the best, and keep on producing more for us lippie junkies out there. Support local brand guys 🙂

Go get these lippies from

*this is not a sponsored post 😉


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