Let’s put a ring on it!

I have a BIG news to share with all of you!! He put a ring on my finger officially on Friday, 15 April 2016(actually, his aunt who puts it on me) I am so blessed, that we are now pre-engaged to each other, and surely it has leveled up our relationship status ❤ ❤ ❤ With this new relationship title, we have so much in mind on planning for our big day which are being scheduled somewhere next year. Before I get into details, let me briefly explain what pre-engaged means. As simple as I can conclude, in Malay culture, if a guy wants to tie the knot, he (usually being represented by his family) needs to ask for a permission from the girl’s family, and as a symbol of accepting his proposal, a female representative from the guy’s side will put a ring on the girl’s finger, which is me 🙂 and it also act as an ice breaking session between both families to get to know each other.

We were both so nervous on that night, because none of us were supposed to be around during the discussion. While I was prepping inside my sister’s room, he was puffing ciggies vigorously outside my house, and during his trip to Kuching, his appetite dropped down to 50%, very unusual as he eats a lot. I was so happy, plus lucky to have a beautiful dais on my pre-engagement night, and I never imagined that I could have all that elaborated decoration, and a photographer too!!(thanks Arm). Both of us are very grateful to those who have helped us throughout this trip, and for making our occasion a meaningful one. I might say, it was a very intimate occasion because it was only within families, and few friends were invited (I only invited two of my friends) So, after the dicussion are done, I was called first for the ring thing, and then he came in after that. When he came into my house, I looked at him, and it is as if he just sold his soul to the Devil! He definitely looked so pale, but deep inside, I knew that he felt so relieved with everything is finally over. So here’s a picture of us 🙂

I accept .. lols 
Family ❤
An awkward pose of us, hehehe. All photos courtesy from @izhamjohari

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