Gaya Koleksi Raya- Mastuli Khalid

Launched on 6th May 2016, the simple but significant Mastuli Khalid just hit Raya/Eid Fashion Collection at the most anticipated showcase of the year. Famous for their monochromatic, this time, a twist on their colour selection is surely something you would notice. Even with the change, Mastuli Khalid is still preserving its essence with their clean lines and signature design. The Gaya Koleksi Raya four days event was held at Black Box & White Box, Publika featured a wholesome of talented Malaysian designers for this Raya/Eid 2016 fashion collection. Designers such as Mimpikita, Alia Bastamam, Love to Dress, Pu3, LANA KL, and many more took part on bringing out their ready-to-wear, made to measure pieces on this grand event. All the rush through the Friday madness was all paid off by witnessing the 2nd session of the show , and sitting with all the ladies and gentlemen who dressed to the nines, which is a definite an eye-catching view for me.(and him too 🙂 )

As the first model came strutting, all I heard was camera shutters, and invited guests busied themselves in taking the best pictures and snippets out of the show (I joined in right after they announced  Mastuli Khalid) Again,  Mastuli Khalid successfully presented each of their creation beautifully with their signature design that comes with a modern interpretation of the classic craft of Baju Kurung. I believed that the presence of Kimono Long Jacket, and Play suit that she adds in this collection brings out boldness, and confidence to the wearer. Inspired by the Rona Roni (colourful) Raya/Eid in her hometown Kuching, Dewi Khalid made her collection look effortlessly with variety of style, from modest kurungs to a piece to go for a reception, or an event.

Get your piece at or you can also get it via their instagram @mastulikhalid or @oddhaus

Visit their page at or

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*I was invited as a guest, and this post is solely on my point of view 😉



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