Road trip to Malacca with GRANDMA!

Yes!!Grandma is in town for the weekend, which means…food adventure!!! Where?? the infamous world heritage site declared by UNESCO; Malacca. It was just the right timing to spend my weekends after the long hours at work. After driving for almost 2 hours from KLIA, we finally can enjoy the scenic view from our hotel balcony and happily took off our shoes for a relaxing foot reflexology 😀

Malacca reminds me a lot of my hometown Kuching, life is so laid back over here, and the best thing for me is the easy access to the beach. Since beach is near, it means SEAFOOD!! Diet can say bye-bye for now..hehehe 😀 We indulged ourselves with salted egg yolk crab, chilli mussels, buttered prawns, grilled prawns, grilled grouper, and fried squid!! I told you, I have forgotten about my diet instantly. Price wise, it was a reasonable RM200 for 5 person plus drinks. Moreover, I couldn’t find anything closer to this price for that amount of food in Kuala Lumpur (please suggest me where if you know one) Not enough with seafood, we continued our food adventure to the lively Jonker Street, there you can find a lot of local delicacies, souvenir shops, cafes and bars, and even a Chinese open stage for you to sing your heart out.


For all the years of visiting Malacca, this is my first time on-board the Malacca River Cruise.(checklist √ 😀 ) Weather was scorching hot, but I enjoyed seeing the colourful historical graffiti, monuments, and village along the river very much. For a short trip like this, it totally saved my time to visit all of the historical sites around in one go.

A special visit to Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum where four generations lived since 1861 was the highlight of my trip. Located near to Jonker Steet, you will never miss this beautiful house at all. I was intrigued with the rich Peranakan history behind this gorgeous house, and mesmerized with its intricate interior design filled with every detailings imported from over the world without neglecting the asian values. Lucky for us, we could take pictures in front hall, where the rest of the house are being refrained of any of recording activities. By the end of the day, my heart was already attracted to Malacca, a thousand possibilities runs into my mind of living here, but I knew that it was all just dreams, or withdrawal symptoms 😀 If God is willing, I will surely make time to come and visit here again.

Grandma’s entourage
Baba Chan’s front hall
Floating Mosque
Side view of the floating mosque

To learn more on Baba & Nyonya or Peranakan heritage, you can visit here :

p/s: If you plan to visit Malacca one day, and you are undecided on where is the best place to stay, don’t fret, because they have a lot of hotels with competitive rates to offer.


*this is not a sponsored post 😉





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