KL Cinta Makan Festival

Life is no fun if you don’t explore and experiment things on your own, and in my case is I’m a FOODIEEEE! The moment I discovered there would be a food festival going on the 21st, my tummy jumped with joy.At least this is better than doing my laundry on weekends :/ (procrastination talking here) Honestly, we thought that we were late to the event, but to my surprise there were only 5 food trucks, and 15 food stalls are available.

Amidst to my high expectation, luckily it was saved by Laksa Johor and it was so good! I have been searching high and lows for a good bowl of Laksa Johor and Hajah Halimah interpreted it impeccably.

Food variety was okay, I saw a lot of western food, desserts being served and unfortunately not much on local food but I enjoyed the rest of the evening with watching Chef Wan in Makan Hall.

We throw ourselves on the bean bags in front of the hall like nobody’s business 😀 and later that night, there was a cooking workshop by Chef Dunia, and she showed everyone on how to cook spaghetti bolognese. It was quite different from how I have learned it before, but it is also a good thing for me to know how it is supposed to taste like. Chef Dunia was very helpful with giving cooking tips and explained to us on importance of using fresh produce for the sauce.

Before heading home, we stayed for a bit and listen to the buskers performed. If you are in KL, do stop by at Zebra Square tomorrow at 12pm and check it out for yourself. Cheers~

Overdosed face 🙂


*this is not a sponsored post 😉


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