A taste from home -Sugarbun

Yesterday I was a bit homesick, and usually Sarawak Laksa will work wonders as a cure, but this time I wanted something different, something that would bring back my childhood memories (90’s kid syndrome), and then I remembered SugarBun have recently opened its branch in Menara Hap Seng, KL! Yeay! So without further ado we went there straight after work, and since it’s the first week of school holidays for Malaysian school, traffic was a breeze 😀 For many of us East Malaysians, SugarBun is our KFC or McDonald’s (back in those days) and it’s our famous fast food restaurant that we are so fond of. There were not much of the popular fast food restaurants during the early 80’s in East Malaysia mainly because of the logistics, and franchising issues. Even with that issues, I remembered vividly enjoying Grandy’s mash potatoes, Hungry Horse’s burgers, and milkshakes, and Jollibee’s desserts in the early 90’s (now closed) but SugarBun is still standing strong, and they even have it in Melbourne, Australia!

As I reached Menara Hap Seng, my mind was already imagining myself chomping the famous fish burger and slurping Chrysanthemum tea away, but to my frustration those two are not in the menu yet…… 😥 and with this sadden news I quickly ordered the juicy broasted chicken meal with savoury rice (one of their signature menu), and three layered tea with gula apong!(Nipah palm sugar) to mend my broken heart..huhuhu, and for him, he ordered the Borneo mackerel meal.

Broasted chicken meal, another favourite of mine.

When I looked at the menu, I found some of it are quite new to me, or maybe they serve it in Sabah, or Brunei.(I don’t know -_-“) and this outlet looks so different from the ones I visited in Kuching, an open concept which are divided into four sections; Broasted chicken, Sarawak Laksa, Giant Garoupa fish, and Beverages to choose from.

Overall, I can say that the quality of food is excellent, service was okay, cleanliness was tip-top A-game, and I may have to wait for at least another month for its full menu, but most importantly, if you plan to visit this SugarBun, be prepared on the odd operating hours 😦 or else, you won’t get your craving fix if you come later than 8.00pm on weekdays or 2.00pm on Saturday, and also it is closed on Sunday, but hey…look at the brighter side peeps, SUGARBUN IS IN KL!!!

Spotted YBhg. Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir in SugarBun!! Plus he likes Sarawak Laksa too 🙂


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6 thoughts on “A taste from home -Sugarbun

  1. Closed on Sunday? Now that’s odd. Maybe that is a business hub there, not that much business to do on Sundays, cater to the lunch time crowd from the offices in the building and all around?

    I hear their Melbourne outlet is closed, not sure and they have live music at the one in Kota Kinabalu. Doing pretty ok in Sibu – you will see the Sibu airport outlet in today’s post in my blog.

    Incidentally, a friend in KL said they told him they will add the fish sandwich to their menu after Raya, my favourite and better than any fish burgers from the big boys, all such fast food franchises.


    1. Yes, closed on Sunday and I agree with you on them catering mostly for the offices over there. But, I think they got potential to open 7-days straight as I see other famous franchise outlet survived for quite number of years in Menara Hap Seng. I heard on the airport outlet as well, and I saw my cousin uploaded a picture dining in Kuching airport last night, I will check it out later end of this month. I can’t wait to balik kampung!!! and eat those fish burgers, hehehe 🙂 Although I’ve tried a lot of fish burgers in KL, but Sugarbun’s fish burger is my ultimate favourite.

      Thanks a lot for your comment, and updates 🙂 Cheers~


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