Ramadhan dates

Today is the first day of Ramadhan for all Muslims all over the world, and here in Malaysia, it is going to be at least around 13hours to 14hours of fasting (depending on which states you are in) This year, I haven’t got the chance to prepare for my Ramadhan and last night’s sahoor, I ate just a bowl of store bought plain porridge with salted egg accompanied with cut persimmons that mum brought from her Australia trip. It’s quite unusual to start my Ramadhan without any dates around because this is the only time that I would usually have my dates. To this day, I still remember on having to taste every dates available back home during my younger days of fasting, and it was definitely quite a love hate affair to my taste buds. But, as always, nothing beats as much as I love my Medjool dates. It’s my Ramadhan affair, a treat to myself after a long day of fasting, and my source of energy throughout the whole month. Dad always has his own bowl of dates ready in front of him before the call of Maghrib prayer, and he will hurriedly eat one or two of his dates as he would perform his solat straight away before eating the dishes mum prepared. Although you might say all dates are identical, but for me, Medjool dates has never disappoint me. The almost dried texture, never too sticky form, and the overall sweetness makes me long for Ramadhan even more. Of course I can get it anytime, anywhere that I wish, but I prefer to meet my dates on this special month; Ramadhan. Tonight, I have a mission, I must have you, I must look for you, even if it means to come down to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to get to you.

During this time, everyone is busy chasing good deeds and it’s contagious, you will not be left behind, and are influence together by its positive vibe. Everyone seems tolerable, forgiving, generous, and are kind to each other. I didn’t quite understand the concept when I was young, but now, it all comes to it senses. In the past, all good deeds were merely instructions and it was not done genuinely but nevertheless, I have learned a lot and still learning from it. It is an affair between you and your creator, and to mankind, you begin your dates on the table then straight to your heart, and onto your actions. Ramadhan changes people, it turns you to be a better person, even for a short period. Especially the meaning of sabr, being patient at all cost, and accepting nafs is within us, our demonic and selfish self. Life could be very peaceful if Ramadhan is a year long, but it won’t be special anymore. Thus, I will try, and make the best out of it.

Have a meaningful Ramadhan everyone, and together we seek His blessings, forgiveness, and lailatul qadar. Amin Amin Ya rabbal alamin.



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