That Ramadhan Bazaar vibe

Ramadhan bazaar is very synonym to us in Malaysia, and as always, I would join the buzz, and feast my eyes bringing an empty tummy with a sky rocketed temptation of eating every single thing that I see (I sound like a zombie here) But don’t fret, my cannibalistic instinct is pretty much non-existence. People of all races and with different religion enjoy this particular scene very much, what is not to like? Food is easily accessible, and it will be on going for the whole fasting month. The thing about this bazaar, it offers an extensive range of food and drinks you can never imagine of, so the struggle is real for many of us here. One; because we are fasting, two; there would be sea of people around, and three; the pain of having to go back home on a peak hour and, most of us will end up breaking our fast in the car 😦 Despite all that, after years of training by mum, (thanks mum) I would go to the stall where all the hype is at, and see what kind of food they are serving, and whether it entices my taste bud or not, totally depends on what I am craving for. I would love to be adventurous and try all sort of food over here but, because of the high possibility of my expectations will drop down to sub-zero, I’d prefer to stick to my mum’s regime.  After all, I have another 28 days to go and try out the rest.

Here in TTDI Damansara,the choices for this year are not as much compared to last year. Or maybe I was just too early.(It was 430pm)IMG_20160606_164303On that day, I settled with nasi kerabu for my main dish (although I wanted murtabak at the first place)IMG_20160606_170232 and tepung pelita for my dessert (I waited for 15minutes!)IMG_20160607_180052

Coming here is quite a sight and your mind would just blow away, because there are A LOT of food (remember zombie?),

and you would go crazy as the aromatic smell from the food stalls are coming at every corner. Temptations oh temptations 😀 Speaking of food, you can get anything your heart desire, from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, and even Thai dishes are found here, but food from my hometown is very difficult to find 😥 Maybe a get together with friends would ease my sorrow away 😉 or maybe I have to start cooking again, hehehe.  Nevertheless, to name a few of my personal favourite dishes over here would be nasi kerabu, murtabak, ayam percik, popia basah ,kuih akok, tepung pelita, and kuih cara. You would find these babies easily at any Ramadhan bazaar.

Here’s a glimpse on Bangsar Ramadhan Bazaar scene, and this is the 6.00pm crowd.

If you plan to head here,(or any Ramadhan bazaar) be prepared to pick your battle, either it’s the parking space, contemplating on what is the best choice of food to bring back home, or being stuck in the massive crowd of people at the bazaar. Your high tolerance and level of patient towards people will be tested, particularly when queuing, slow service, and being stuck between the reunion of long lost friend/family which are the usual norm at any Ramadhan bazaar. However, spend wisely, and do not buy excessively which will lead to waste. Remember, be moderate people 🙂





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