Lip Creme Obsession

Of all the things that I splurge on this month is : Lip Creme

As I told you in my previous post, I can’t stop buying these beautiful creations and I must admit, this has become a growing obsession, and for this month’s purchase, I got three lip cremes from our very own Malaysian brands and Malaysia/Singapore brand, which means no more waiting up to 4-6weeks on my lippies to arrive here! Yeay 🙂  Surprisingly, these three brands proved to be as good as the ones I have purchased from overseas before. So, that’s good news for my bank account, hehehe and here goes the product review.

DIDA- Velvet Matte Lip Creme

Code : Lust Price : RM45 *photo taken from DIDA

I followed DIDA on their instagram before the launch of their line of lippies, in total they have 5 vibrant shades which is Tango, Posh, Scandal, Fondue and Lust. With its vibrant shades, made my selection much more easier and I finally settled with Lust, a pale pink shade for my skin tone. I ordered one unit from their website at and with one swift payment via online banking, and an additional RM10 for shipping fee, it arrived to me in three days! It truly gives me a creme feeling when applied on, and within less than a minute it sets, and dried to a matte finish. Bonus points are, it has a sweet vanilla scent to it, highly pigmented and full coverage with one application, long-wearing of more than 7 hours(even after food and drinks) and transfer-free. Despite all that, I have difficulties on the straight wand applicator, maybe because I’m used to the doe-foot applicator so much :/ so I have to be extra careful on this one. Another thing that I found was, even with the long-wearing and highly pigmented formula, I must say that it gets flaky/feathery after a while (I keep asking myself, is this even safe to swallow?) The toughest situation of all was the removing process. It took me a lot of wet wipes and EVCO to the rescue, and I would definitely suggest anyone who is planning to buy DIDA, please apply your lip balm before applying your lip creme. It definitely saves your time and energy.

Me in DIDA’s Lust 🙂

Silkygirl – Matte Junkie

My next purchase was found in a drugstore, an instant bargain which only cost me RM18.90!! For this collection, they created 5 shades; 01  Retro, 02 Glamour, 03 Rebel, 04 Vintage, and 05 Vixen. In my opinion, their shades for this collection are mostly a mixture of earthy tones and brick red. In the end, I bought ’04 Vintage’ which I thought it could replicate my Sephora Marvelous Mauve shade, but it turned out to be a slight coral tone onto my lips. Something different but I eventually like it. Bonus points for this beauty, it’s affordable, lightweight formula, dries out instantly when applied, and also transfer-free. The downside of this lippie, it needed a 2nd application to make it completely cover my lips because when I applied it once, it gave me a sheer result. And since I’m a foodie, and greasy food is in my daily vocabulary, the lippie does not stay on forever on my lips 😦 I had to re-apply it, and so far during the fasting month (no food & water phase) it stayed on but it creates a white rim on my lips after a while. However, the removal process was easy with this one 😉

Code : 04 Vintage *photo taken from Silkygirl
Me in Silkygirl’s Vintage

FAME Cosmetics – Soft Matte Lip Cream

Onto my last purchase for this month is from Fame Cosmetics Malaysia which I found from instagram. Without wasting anymore time, I placed an order through their helpful agent and purchased ‘Violet’. To my surprise, I received it on the very next day!!! It felt like Xmas all over again. Priced at RM29 caught my attention instantly, so I put it on a test. With its doe-foot applicator (Yass!) it glides smoothly onto my lips with its creamy texture, and covered all the creases in just one application. Sets for at least 1 minute for it to totally gave you the matte finish and I was quite impressed with its wearability to withstand my foodie test 😀 The downside of this lip creme, its net weight is only 2g which I personally think a reasonable value of the amount you have paid.

*photo taken from @fame_cosmetics instagram
IMG_20160627_182714 - Copy
Me in Fame Cosmetic’s Violet

*this is not a sponsored post 😉














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