Eating under the tree

Admit it- You have spent almost all of your salary towards other things that is totally uneccessary 😉  and you are left with only RM50 to survive! Spare me the judgements peeps, I spent quite a fortune paying for my Eid tickets (return of course), so my budget for this month is a bit off 😥 Cough cough.. and lipsticks too… Huhuhu but luckily I live near Bangsar, and the only place that I will definitely go to is this under the tree fish head curry stall. With only RM50 on hand, I filled my tummy with a hearty plate of rice smothered with fish head curry gravy (not too spicy or heavily with spices and coconut milk, but at the right level of awesome flavorsome), a piece of hot juicy tender fried chicken, a spoonful crunchy stir-fry beansprout, and a glass of iced tea to quench my thirst and all that only cost me RM4!!! Yes, you do not have to read it twice. This is the cheapest meal that I can get in KL. Trust me, you won’t have to think of buying groceries after this 😀

I usually had my lunch here, and it it always with a long queue, and a limited space to eat. You have to be super quick to look for places to seat, or you can share a table with someone else. People who goes here knows what they want, they either get their usual meal or splurge more on getting the fish curry head (ikan jenahak/snapper), or treat themselves for deep fried squid, fried fish (ikan cencaru), and mutton curry. Prices will be slightly different with those but it will not going to make a hole of your pocket 😉

Just look for this place, Anuar’s Fish Head Curry around the corner of TMC Supermarket at Bangsar’s Lucky Garden or to be precise, just behind Lorong Ara Kiri 3 signboard.

Sipping away that hunger! 🙂



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