Sugarbun datang lagi!

IMG_20160806_132045The moment Sugarbun announced their fish burger is here, words cannot describe anything more than joy. Trust me, you only miss it when it’s gone, and I have been missing it dearly. Although you might think it is just a fish burger at a local fast food joint, and I can replace it anytime with those prententious upscale fish burger in a fancy restaurant. The answer is, an absolute no-no because Sugarbun’s fish burger will still be my number one choice. Why? It is a part of me that I could not remove in an instance. I have grown up to love it so much and it gives me so much gastronomic pleasure. What I like most about it, is the simplicity on how it is being presented to you 🙂

not pretentious at all

My satiation filled with the in-house mayonnaise/slaw coupled with pickled cucumber, the slightly charred buns, and of course the star ingredient itself : Sugarbun’s golden crisp cooked to perfection fish fillet! So far, I have been very lucky to get the ones that is still able to carry its magnificent name. The only time it will not shine, is when I ask someone to bring it to KL. That, I can still make room for excuses and exception (though the buns will turned out to be soggy, I’d still eat ’em without judgements)

And, last Saturday… as one would expect, I had my fish burger fix at Sugarbun’s Menara Hap Seng and put it out on a test. Alhamdulillah, I am more than happy to say, I was very very very satisfied with it ❤ IMG_20160806_125946



*this is not a sponsored post



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