Local delights

This year I may have to defer on losing my weight because I have been eating outside for the last two months, but how do I resist the temptation of Malaysian food? Especially when it is cheap, affordable, and served with a hearty portion size. Hey, I am all in for that. So if you are in a budget, and you want something that can last you throughout the day/night, you can consider on these favourite places of mine.

In KL, I rarely cook fish (mainly because I don’t know how to clean them) so I will come to Kak Jat Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) at Jalan Bellamy behind the old palace just to satisfy my cravings. Although there are few eateries serving the same thing, I would always prefer Kak Jat’s since they have an extensive grilled to perfection of local fish that I like, their sambal sauce hit me at the right notches (sweet and spicy), variety of local dishes, and most importantly it’s affordable 😉 Usually a medium sized grilled stingray (covered with banana leaves), grilled squid, and two plates of rice with veges, and drinks of two will only cost me RM 30 at least.

My usual 🙂

Next is, Mee Celup a.k.a boat noodle at Salma Restaurant at Taman Greenwood. This is by far the best boat noodle I have ever had in KL and I kid you not, I won’t be returning any time soon for any of the commercial boat noodle joint in KL. I thanked my cousin for introducing me this place, and I am officially hooked. Not only it is cheap (RM6.50!!!), they served you in a big bowl with all the best condiments you could ever asked for, and what I like most is the soup, because it is very flavourful, the spiciness level is tolerable, and of course you can add more of chilli flakes as much as you desire. Oh ya, if you’re not a fan of pad thai noodle, you can request to change to any noodles you like.

This is how the menu looks like
This is actually how it looks like!!! No lies at all, what you see is what you get!!!

After all that goodness have settled in my tummy, a mango milk smoothie is a total must, and I’m glad it is just a few minutes away from Salma Restaurant. How much? for a grande size it is only RM3.50 with pieces of cut mangoes inside your smoothie is pretty decent price, but if you want a trenta size, you just add up RM1.50.

My grande mango milk smoothie 🙂

Just as I said earlier, I am not going to lose any weight at any time now…hehehe 🙂


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