The hip appom Hoppers KL

Nestled in Jalan Pudu, and just a few shop lots away from Tung Shin Hospital, I found this hip appom place; Hoppers.

My newfound appom place 🙂

I don’t usually have my appom in the afternoon, but Hoppers promised to be different, which served a sweet and savoury, and rather adventurous side of toppings in their menu.

sweet and savoury, and weekly specials

Since I was searching for something sweet, I tried “milo ganache served with horlicks condensed milk and sprinkled with peanut crumbs” and I am hooked!


Without a doubt, I totally finished this wholesome appom by myself. A sure delight and a treat for me with no regrets. As it was a hot sunny day outside, I wash down my thirst with chilled coconut water from Kuala Selangor, and all I ever needed was for somebody to put a flower on my hair, and I’ll be the happiest alive in Pudu! 😉


The pastel tones of the wall and lush green leaves decor reminds me a lot of Mansur Gavriel ad campaign, along with John Mayer singing that day made my visit an enjoyable one. I surely will come for more and tryout their savoury appom.


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