The battle of steamboat

It is a battle of decisions when it comes to dinner time. Both of us have our own preferential when it comes to food. I am drawn to Chinese cooking, and he is the opposite of me as he likes to eat Malay dishes, and rice is COMPULSORY. However, when it comes to steamboat, we are in the same boat! 🙂 At least he can’t complaint much on me not cooking, technically this is considered as cooking too. Right?

In KL, we have been to quite a number of steamboat places and mostly the prices ranges from RM25 to Rm50 per head. Prices vary depending on time (lunch/early dinner/dinner/peak or off-peak hour), selection of food/soup, area, or whether they have the grilling plate or not. As long as there is soup, I do not care much on the latter. Typically, a good steamboat place will offer you an extensive range of leafy greens, and veges, seafood(prawn, squid, fish slices, cuttlefish, clam, mussels, or even oysters!), meats can be either marinated for grilling, or the meat slices(lamb, beef, chicken, duck or abalone). Other than that, fish balls, dim sum yummies, noodles, eggs, sushi and dessert will be available too.

In terms of base, nothing can go wrong with chicken soup, but if you fancy something that is spicy, tom yam soup is always an option. Even if you are indecisive, you can ask for both because the pot is usually divided into two sections. For Japanese or Korean steamboat/shabu-shabu, I usually choose miso, and sukiyaki as my base which is a combination of sweet and salty at the same time 🙂

At Suki-Ya, Pavilion 


So far, these places are my current favourites! ❤ ❤ ❤


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