What a Crabby week!

For the past two weeks, few friends and relatives flew down to KL for a short visit and I was more than happy to entertain them ❤ Even for a short while, and with their busy schedule I am very grateful that they have always include us no matter what. As usual, eating out will be our main agenda, and this time around they wanted to eat CRAB. Mind you, I just had some crabs for steamboat last week! 😉 but his friends were craving for some chilli crab, so we went to this famous chilli crab in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya; Restoran Fatty Crab. It was on Sunday night, and the waiting line was so long, we were there at 8.00pm and we roughly waited at least 25minutes to get a table. Over here, these succulent crustaceans are to die for, I have not seen this place being empty every time I come to dine. It’s a pork-free restaurant, and they serve other seafood too, and if you don’t fancy chiili crab, you can ask them to steam it for you. Apart from chili crab, customers usually order Yong Chow fried rice, steamed prawns or fish, fried chicken(one of the best in KL so far) and satay. It took them approximately 20minutes to get your crab done, depending on the crowd.

As soon as the crab lands on the table, everyone is in total silent and took out their phones to capture their very best pictures at every angle, and send it to everyone back at home 😀 Do order their charcoal toasted bread to dip into the flavorful sauce. For a person who doesn’t eat spicy food, I am still able to tolerate the spiciness of this chili crab. It has a sweet and sour flavour with a fiery kick! and it is addictive. Charges for seafood usually depends on the market rate per gram, so to be safe, just bring RM100-150 if you plan to go here.

Onto the next following week, my grandma and aunt came to KL for a short vacay, and the first thing that comes out from their mouth is; CRAB! Hahahaha, this would be my third week eating crab continuously. Since grandma is around, we decided to try somewhere new this time (and HALAL too), we battled our way through the heavy traffic towards Ampang Avenue and managed to reach at Ibrahim’s Fatty Crab at around 8.30pm(luckily we wazed!) Over here, we had Butter cream French Crab (very meaty), and Mongolian style Mud crab, steamed grouper cooked with assam chili sauce, mantou bread, and mix-vege. Even though it is our first time over here, we loved the cleanliness, friendly staff, and the spacious area. There’s one thing that missing in this restaurant, or maybe I didn’t ask them for it, as I may need the silver crab mallet, especially to crack the french crab shells 🙂

Gladly we did not order anything else, because we were so full with everything we had. They really are very generous with their serving size, and it was nice of the owner; Mr. Marzuki to welcome us and asked for our feedback. My grandma was very honest giving her review 🙂 “Less starch on the mix-vege sauce, and more gravy on the Mongolian sauce because she did not get much on her mantou dippings.” She even got Mr. Marzuki answered her question of the crab’s cost price. Very sneaky of my grandma, but Mr. Marzuki was a good sport and shared with us on how he started this food business. We were told that his restaurant just hit the 5th month of its operation. To those who are looking for a Chinese influenced Halal seafood restaurant , I suggest you to come here and give it a try.

Look at those hungry faces 😀

Do follow these two restaurants on their instagram!








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