Grandma is in KL!

Whenever my grandmother and aunt come to KL, I will make sure that my entire schedule is dedicated for them only. Having them over here means another road trip, adventure, and food fiesta all around. My grandma is 76 years young, and she’s the epitome of a strong independent woman at her age. Numbers are just figures and it does not deter her from travelling, doing outdoor activities, and her never-ending will to drive her mini car back at home. I have seen throughout my childhood to my teenage days, and now in my adult years that she has proven that a woman can do anything she wants if she puts her mind to it.

Grandma and Aunt at Tony Roma’s Pavilion, KL

This time, our road trip adventure was to this little French village in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang which is a replica to the Colmar les village in France.  I must say, it is a very quaint place to visit, sightseeing, and maybe for a short retreat (they have a spa here) To reach here took us about an hour and fifteen minutes journey down and up the hill roads, and it was the perfect weather for our little journey. It was my first time coming here, and the only thing that I did over there was taking pictures. Sadly though, I found that this place was not put up to its full potential. I was hoping to learn some French culture, but instead I was served with Italian food and entertained by Chinese music.

Maybe I put up my hopes too high on this place; there was nothing special to it, their building was not well maintained, not much activity can be done unless you enjoy taking a lot of pictures, plus the weather was unfortunately hot on that day. Perhaps, they could showcase a bit of French culture, food, wine tasting, rent-a-traditional clothes, French movies or music, and farmer’s market. I wouldn’t mind coming here again if they have these kind of activities. At least I go back with a little knowledge of Colmar in me.

We wanted to go further up to the Japanese garden, and it started to rain so we decided to go back immediately before the road gets slippery. That night, we just went to our favourite satay place at Keramat; Sate Zainah. This has been a tradition to me and bring my friends and families to eat here. It was my redemption on our earlier trip; I just loved her satay so much. The quality of their satay never failed me, as it is juicy, very well marinated, and never is overcooked nor undercooked. Even their peanut sauce is very much different from the others that I had over her in KL. Not too spicy, peanuts are well grinded, and burst with flavours as you dip it with the satay. Trip to Sate Zainah worth every mile!

The following day, I worked half-day and accompanied my grandma to do her fabric hunting! and we spent almost three hours here and had forgotten about lunch 😀 So we reward ourselves to Greyhound Cafe as it is located just at the lobby of their hotel. Food was amazing and we loved everything that we ordered there. We tried their Durian crepe cake and it was simply amazing on its own, but once you poured the Durian sauce on top of the crepe cake, it incoporates the whole Durian flavour. I would not mind to order this again ❤

I am surely going to miss my grandma time because she’s leaving to Kuching the very next day 😥




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