Happiness in a bowl-SALTed

One can never refuse when Sarawak Laksa is being served in front of your eyes, and if you said no to it, then stop reading! I was overjoyed when Salted announced its new location and revamping their whole menu to cater to the food aficionados out there.

The anticipation was real, and we came over on their first day of operation! We were so excited and we overlooked on the operation hours 😀 Luckily both of the owners was there and reassured us that their Sarawak Laksa is still enough for another two serving. Phew~ So folks, as of for now, their operation hours on weekdays starts at 10.00AM to 5.00PM, and on weekends at 10.00AM to 3.00PM.

Laksa date with Anthony Bourdain!

As expected, it tastes exactly the same as how I remembered. The consistency of the laksa broth was no disappointment, and the rich flavour of the laksa paste was not even compromised either. My craving was fixed, and it does not stop with only laksa…

Enjoying his bowl of goodness

A few days later, we went there again to try out their new menu, another local taste from hometown; Mee Jawa & Mee Kolo’

Mee Kolo’

Again, we came at the wrong time, but luck was on our side and we got to try both of it on that day. He ate Mee Kolo’(dry beef noodle) and in all fairness it was not bad at all. For all I know, making this Sarawak’s signature dish does take a hefty amount of effort, especially blanching the noodle. A very tricky technique to master, and noodles have to be tangy and firm at the same time(al dente as you might say it) and then mix with necessary seasoning for a balanced flavour. Apart from that, Mee Kolo’ is never complete if not being served with its very own pickled chilies and he was very happy when SALTed ace this(and he asked for seconds) As for my Mee Jawa, it was quite good but since I had the last serving for that day, my noodle was not fully drenched, and the gravy was a bit thicker than usual. I will definitely have to try it again some other time for a better experience, and hoped that it will be served with sambal kicap hitam(spicy dark soy sauce) next time 🙂

-Mee Jawa (sorry for the blurred photo, I was hungry) 🙂


p/s : Come and visit them at 30-1, Jalan PJU 7/16A Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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