Love is all around

It is always a good feeling coming back to your hometown after a long period of time. The familiar faces, delicious food, and the surroundings are some of the few things that I missed most, but this trip is something else because I came back for my good friend’s wedding. An occasion that I would not want to miss, and also because I am one of her bridesmaids 🙂 and that I was responsible to bring back her wedding skirt flown all the way from KL. I have known her since she was in her primary school, but we became closer in later part of our lives, and I must say…we had our fair share of fun, laughter, sadness, and hardship together. After all the ups and down, finally she found someone who loves her tremendously, and I am so happy for her ❤

-rehearsal for Akad Nikah
Majlis Siraman a traditional Javanese ceremony to shower the couple with fresh flowers mixed with water as a blessing from both parents and close families. A very intimate affair one day before their Akad Nikah

It was indeed a magical yet surreal wedding of them both, an emotional Majlis Siraman one day before solemnization, an amazing night of Akad Nikah filled with mixed feeling for everyone of us, a captivating dinner reception with their full-fledged of traditonal Javanese ceremony plus the whole of Sarawak became a ghost town for an hour that night. Thank goodness my camera and handphone was fully charged! and luckily the hotel does have their own power supply for this. Phew~

-Moments of Akad Nikah ceremony at the bride’s place
-Their grand Javanese themed wedding reception dinner

Witnessing any of my friend getting married was definitely something else, and the amount of emotions inside was simply unbearable to contain (For Dewi & Rano, I finally cried on the night before I went back to KL, so much of holding onto my tears for those three receptions) For every weddings that I am closely involved with, an immense amount of patience, tolerance, and consideration are very much needed on every matter before the bride officially change their status to wife. Crucial to this, the maid of honor must be a one tough cookie for the bride because she will be thrown with every questions from anyone around. So far, I have taken the job for four times and it was not an easy job to handle yet I am happy to have done it. For what matters the most is; for both couple to enjoy and cherish their wedding moments. I had tremendous fun on #dewirano #javarama wedding, and I wish for them both a happy life forever and ever ❤

Happy us

p/s: Excused the blurry pictures 🙂 Feel free to browse their captured moments in instagram with these two hashtags : #javarama #dewirano






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