BIBIR & So.Lek-Made in Malaysia Liquid Lipsticks

Never underestimate the power of your local products because it has its own potentials, exclusivity, and most importantly is; it is easily available at your own convenience.

For this month, I treated myself with 3 lippies from two different local brands which I got to know of it from their instagram accounts. Placing my orders was mainly using WhatsApp, and I am thrilled with their prompt reply. As another addition to my local lippies, I bought BIBIRbysyedkillereyes on a promotion, Yeay! Their normal price per unit is RM45, and I got two of ’em for RM70 🙂  For So.Lek  I managed to grab it at a promotional price too, only at RM34 where as for their normal price is RM39 each. I found these two brands have their very own distinct formula which I like it very much and I will share with you why. Uncertain in choosing which shades compliment the best for my skin tone, I religiously looked at their uploaded pictures on instagram and I stand firm with Sunrays and Summertime for BIBIR and Dahlia for So.Lek. So I waited, patiently…

BIBIRbysyedkillereyes-photo taken from instagram
So.Lek-photo taken from instagram

Thankfully I received it within two days, and I am overjoyed with it!!! and here goes the review.


Absolutely in awe with their bold yet sophisticated packaging, I hurriedly tried on Sunrays and my lips looked like an actual CHOCOLATE. Yumssss…All I needed was one application for a full coverage, and BIBIR immaculately nailed with its product. As liquid as it gets, it does not sets instantly giving you time for any additional touch-ups, no excess bleeding, and it stays matte for the rest of the day. For a person who loves food so much, the colour only fades a shade lighter which I am completely fine with it. Of course I will need to re-apply if it is half gone with my food, hehehe. Contrast to Sunrays, I bought Summertime which I thought a nude shade but to my surprised, it gave me a coral pink finish instead. Although I thought it is okay to wear it as it is, but I think it is better when I have a heavier make-up on. Overall, this is by far, my favourite local liquid matte lipstick ❤

-wearing Sunrays


I am surprised to be able to pulled-off this bright pink shade onto my lips, which is different from my other lipstick colours and I wouldn’t mind to add more of this shade as it gives me a fresher look. Applying this lippie was a bit tricky as I am not a pro with its flat applicator, but with one swipe, my lips are fully covered. Do not be fooled with its creamy texture, as it will eventually dries to matte and gives you a minimal transfer too! Again, for the food test, touch-up will be needed as it goes away with all the goodness I have consumed. So far, I am satisfied with my purchase 🙂

-wearing Dahlia


p/s: Coincidentally  both brand names are in Malay language, so Bibir is Lips and, Solek is Make-up. Just fyi ❤




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