It’s 2017 eyh?

I never thought that in a few days to go, January 2017 will be gone and February is soon to greet us with its grace. I know for a fact that I have been on a hiatus mode since last year, my sincere apologies of not posting anything to share with you.

Okay, since it is Chinese New Year this weekend, why not we start over ya? I guessed it is better that way right? Anddddd before I forget….Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nien Kuai Le everyone. May the year of the Rooster brings us more good fortune, career progress, never ending happiness, and be blessed with good health and wealth.


As for my New Year’s resolutions,

  • to seek, and increase my knowledge towards Allah s.w.t as a way to strenghten my roller coaster faith from time to time.
  • to manage my time in good order so that I could finish my work without any delays. Procrastination can take a good long leave of absence this year.
  • to start planning, and take full action for my wedding preparations. Another 6 months to go as we speak now…yikes!
  • to prepare my own meal and to eat out less. Starting February..hehehe
  • to lose 15kgs within 6months!!! Burn baby burnnnn or maybe 10kgs…any tips?

So far, I have not started anything yet, Booo!!! but I incline doing it this coming February. This is my promise to myself because I really don’t want to let myself down again this year. Please help me be strong ya, or maybe I should document it over here for all of you to see my progress? Perhaps it will help me keep my promise this thime around.

A quick recap of my life in case you are wondering; I cut my hair short, my parents and siblings finally met with my fiance’s mother, I had a nice birthday dinner at Mitasu Japanese Restaurant, and I had a blast on New Year’s celebration with his whole crew.



As for this month itself, I managed to go back to Kuching for 2 days on a business trip. yeah, you heard it; business. I had a lovely time spent with my friends, and was lucky to celebrate Fariza’s birthday. On another note, today is my last day of working at my current workplace, and to tell you the truth, I am sad of leaving my wonderful co-workers, but at the same time I am also excited to go to my new corporate life in one of the Big 4’s.

I am nervous for what will happen but I am thankful for this change. A good year to start my 2017 🙂

p/s: Congratulations to Rahmah and Meerul for their new addition in the family. Assalamualaikum Ari Zaeem, please be a good boy to your parents ❤





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