Hey ho..hey ho!

As much as I want to commit myself into writing this blog religiously, it turned out that I have failed miserably. Time management is definitely not my forte, and I just can’t imagine how writers can deliver their piece in matter of time. Things are going so fast, and we are approaching May in less than a week! How crazy is that? My darling cousin Nabilah, and a good friend of mine just got married last March. Since the both of them chose the school holiday week to get married, I am officially broke. The air tickets cost me a bomb! But I love them damn too much, I’d rather eat instant noodle until payday.

I dare not say that not much things has happened to me but actually there are far too much details to be shared in one post. I know I have listed what I am trying to achieve for this year, and with this rate I am currently going, it is a slow progress. I am on my third month working at my new place, and it surely is a different environment. My first two weeks of working caused me a lot of nerve wrecking moments, I almost had a panic attack due to the overwhelming change. Nothing serious, but I have learned to adapt on few things and adjust myself into this corporate structure. My only hope is; to be able to do my work WORRY-FREE 🙂  ….and I just got an early confirmation too!!

Work aside, the wedding preparation has just begun and it is not a pretty sight at all. Communication is at its lowest point, and to make matters even worst, I am not physically there to make any decision. So far, both of us have decided on the colour theme for both families and we are slowly adding up our hantaran gifts.

My most treasured moment was selecting my wedding ring, and after all the trips to the local jewelers, that cold harsh look from every each of salesperson we constantly receive, we finally found the ring that I like the most. A simple design but yet it represent who I am and most importantly, he looked so happy when I tried it on. That look of his is now preciously stored in my photographic memory for life. I hope that smile will never go away and may it last forever in my heart ❤ ❤ ❤

I know that married life is not all about smiles, it is a commitment for all married couple and I pray that our marriage will be blessed with all the good things in life and in akhirat too. In shaa Allah, Amin. As of now, please pray for him that I won’t turn into a bridezilla. God knows how stressful I am now with everything.


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