An update

To be honest with everyone, I am at lost of words. How do writers are able to get inspiration and have the flow of creating beautiful content, and inspire others to read their piece? Here I am, at 1:18AM and struggling to write my whole journey from being a bridezilla to being domesticated after 5 months of marriage. Too much things to be cramped in one post. So be patient with me, I would like to ramble and get things started all over again.

Real story here, I actually gave up with writing because there were times that it felt that it was too much to handle in one time, but then again I thought to myself that quitting is not even the answer. I am going to make it up to my lost times and trying to be a better blogger even though this does not make any sense to you right now. This post feels like I am talking to myself and hoping that I am going to straightening my whole life! A self-reminder to me to keep improving no matter what the situation is.

Twice. The amount I went back to my little hometown Kuching this month. First trip was a needed vacation to relax and also to catch-up with friends and family, and the second trip was for a relative’s wedding. I’m so glad that I went back and cleared up the chaos in my brain because I received an enormous ball of motivation from friends for me to continue with this. One friend even said, she secretly read my blog! And was clueless on why I have stopped. That was the best feeling ever when someone you know actually recognizes your hard work. By the end of my holiday, going back to reality is the hardest thing to do, don’t you think so? A lot of mixed feelings rummaging my heart and emotions every time I bid adieu, and with that my fellow readers…I will come back for more 🙂


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